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What's That You Say?

It's not that easy - fossil fuels are everywhere!
Here are common items to avoid if you really want to take the Challenge.

Day 1

“I'll just ride my bike instead of driving.”

Great! But you're riding on rubber tires and other components manufactured from crude oil and natural gas such as the brake pads, seat, and pedals. Guess they'll have to walk.

Day 2

“I'll just stay home and text and video chat friends.”

Your smartphone may be modern, but it's like a handheld dinosaur with so many fossil fuel parts inside it. The screen, board, microchip, and cover are just a few. Plus, it's powered by electricity generated from natural gas or coal. Try smoke signals instead.

Day 3

We hope you're healthy this week.

Modern medicine wouldn't exist without oil and natural gas. The plastics that permeate your doctor's office – from a simple stethoscope to an EKG machine – aren’t possible without petrochemicals. Medicines themselves are manufactured from petroleum products. Consider rescheduling your doctor's appointment.

Day 4

Since you can only walk to work, what are you wearing to cope with the weather?

Whether it’s a hot day that calls for clothes that wick away sweat, or a cool fall morning that requires a fleece, your wardrobe is stitched together by synthetic fibers derived from petroleum. Even most cotton shirts are a blend with lycra or other modern fibers. Thought about a fig leaf instead?

Day 5

“There doesn't seem to be much I can do, so I'll just chill and have a drink.”

Happy hour may be near, but without fossil fuels it doesn’t matter how good the hops and malted barley are, you still don't have beer. You need heat and electricity for fermenting and bottling. And beer trucks don't run on sunshine and wind.*

* Electric vehicles, wind turbines and solar panels don’t exist without oil, natural gas and mined components. Plus, since they’re intermittent sources of energy, wind and solar are backed up by natural gas and coal power at night and when the wind doesn’t blow.

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